Google, through its numerous services and popularity, accesses far more information about people than they realize. Though Google explicitly expresses its concern for protecting the vast amount of private user information it collects, that information is nonetheless susceptible to fall into the hands of a) government officials seeking information through warrants, court orders and subpoenas, and b) potential Google acquirers.

Google users must be made aware of the personal user information Google collects and what does and can happen to that information. While some users may not be bothered by Google’s data collection, others might feel extremely violated and may choose to behave differently when using Google’s services. In either case, Google users who have been made aware of these privacy issues and presented with anonymous alternatives will gravitate towards using these alternatives.

How does Google Search Work?

Google crawls the web and currently indexes over 9 billion items. Like other search engines, Google organizes web pages by their content – the frequency of words on a page, the position of words on the page, and the font size and capitalization of words. When a user makes a request on Google, Google uses content information to match the request. Google then combines a document’s content information with its PageRank to determine the ordering of the sites returned to the user.

The PageRank of website A is determined by the number of other websites linked to website A, and the quality and PageRank of those linked websites. Finally, in an effort to help Google users be more conscious about their Google searches, we present a service called ‘download instantly knowledge about GOOGLE’ allowing users after reading, to become more delighted about the magnificent services this search engine provides, and how difficult it would be (else), to find targeted information (“WITH KEYWORDS’) in such huge variety about a specific subject someone wants to find quickly in the WorldWideWeb.


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