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FLY CIRCLE NEW YORK EXPERIENCECircumnavigate e.g. directly over the Manhattan skyline, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and see many other major NYC dazzling cityscapes from a bird’s eye perspective while your helicopter will fly a much broader loop at best fares. Give this spectacular sightseeing view a try, knowing that this is a once – in – a – lifetime exclusive & one – of – its – kind opportunity adventure tour!


This tour is perfect for those who want to keep an eye on their travel expenses. The Manhattan Sky Tour helicopter ride provides a great overview of the sights in New York without breaking the bank. The chopper will fly oversights like the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and Brooklyn Bridge. Plus you can admire One World Trade Center and Ground Zero from a perspective that you won’t get from an observation deck. At a comparatively low-price point, you can a great impression of Manhattan and it’s Skyline that you won’t be forgetting any time soon.


The helicopter ride, will give you the opportunity to view New York City’s most famous landmarks from above giving you a unique viewing angle of Governor’s Island (the birthplace of NY), a face-to-face meeting with the statue of liberty, and a flight past the tallest buildings in the western hemisphere: e.g. the Freedom Tower & the Empire State Building.



With more time to take pictures from above, as well as the inclusion of even more sights, the e.g. 20-30 minute NYC helicopter ride is a truly amazing experience that guarantees you going home with some unforgettable images in mind, as well as on your camera.


Most importantly the tours also include a flight over Central Park, giving you a view of the contrast between concrete jungle and nature in the park – a must-see from above! If on top of this you are a baseball fan, the view of the Yankee Stadium will take your breath away. During your helicopter ride, you will have a unique opportunity to photograph these sites from above and get an amazing view of the bustling city underneath you. We highly recommend these tours if your budget is tight! Keep in mind however that time flies – especially when you are having fun and taking in the amazing sights of the skyscrapers underneath you. This complete tour of NYC from the sky is definitely one of the best value helicopter ride New York has to offer.

Sky’s the limit!


Lose yourself in the infinite space of the air!


Even families have tried this magnificent sky trip!

Maybe the perfect gift for her, for your kids or for friends?…

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Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert, North America’s smallest desert, and home to miles of two-lane roads. For a day-trip outside of the Neon City, take a picnic and spend some time on the road. Multi-colored sandstone fractures Southern Nevada in places and a huge man-made lake sits just a couple of hours from the Strip. The mountains west of town are much cooler than in Las Vegas. At the higher altitudes in both Lee and Kyle Canyons, take a break from the car and hike to see if you can spot a bristlecone pine, one of the longest-lived types of trees. The Strip: Las Vegas Boulevard The fabled five-mile area known as the Las Vegas Strip holds more hotel rooms than any other city in the world. You’ll find famous and remarkable hotels, each with its own theme and ambiance. Bellagio’s dancing fountains and Italian Renaissance aura ooze luxury. Caesars Palace recreates the glory of Rome, Vegas-style. The Venetian takes on another Italian city and era, duplicating Old World Venice, complete with canals and gondoliers. Old standbys include the Flamingo and the Mirage, with its white tigers and erupting volcanoes. See the Paris Las Vegas with outstanding replicas of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Magnifique Parisian atmosphere and charm. Treasure Island offers daily live pirate battles, free of charge. At the”bottom” or south end of the strip, risen from the ashes of the Hacienda Hotel, the magnificent Mandalay Bay takes you to the tropics, including a pool with waves you can actually surf. At the top of the Strip, you will find the Stratosphere Tower visible from miles away. It is the highest free-standing building in the western half of the United States, with views from the top that are indescribable. You don’t have to stay right on Las Vegas Boulevard to enjoy neon and glitz. Just off the Strip places like the Rio, the Palms, and theHard Rock Hotel and Casino are only a taxi ride away and offer easier access to areas beyond the Strip. You won’t forget this fantastic helicopter flight in a hurry as you swoop over the famous Las Vegas Strip to take in a bird’s eye view of the world famous hotels, iconic locations, and bright neon lights. 

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Grand Canyon East is located in the area along the Colorado River to the north and east of the South Rim. This is the most difficult area of the Grand Canyon to access, but intrepid adventurers are rewarded with smaller crowds and close-up views of the Grand Canyon. The primary physical attribute of the Grand Canyon East region is the Little Colorado River (LCR). The LCR is responsible for carving several of the smaller canyons in the region, and its lower 40 miles constitute one of the largest arms of the Grand Canyon. The Canyon surrounding the Little Colorado River is over 3,000 feet deep where it joins the Colorado River near Desert View between the South Rim and Grand Canyon East. Because of the mineral content in the Grand Canyon East area, the LCR flows with beautiful blue water in the summer months: in other parts of the year, it runs almost blood red. Grand Canyon East offers two main viewing areas: one is free but doesn’t have safety guardrails, while the other costs a minimal fee paid to the Navajo Nation, but does include guardrails. The annual November flooding of the Grand Canyon is also an interesting experience! The annual release of water from the Glen Canyon Dam floods the Grand Canyon via the Colorado River, with the goal of rebuilding the Colorado River beaches in order to benefit local endangered species such as the humpback chub. Compared to the North, South, and West Rims, there is very little tourism at Grand Canyon East. There are many attractions that make it worth a visit, including a number of locally-provided tours, visits to the smaller canyons, boat tours, helicopter tours, fishing, and rafting. Grand Canyon East is not easily accessible from Las Vegas. Get ready to enjoy our most popular Grand Canyon helicopter flight as you embark on an unforgettable journey which includes an exclusive landing on the floor of the West Rim.
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Niagara Falls is a top destination with a split personality of sorts. On the one hand—make that, on the one side – this natural wonder is a citizen of the United States and, on the other, it’s a citizen of Canada. Sure, each side shares proximity to the impressive falls, but that’s just about where the similarities end. A debate rages among travelers about which side of the Falls is best. Some tourist visitors from Ohio say, “there are peace and quiet on the American side; it’s more like a park and very relaxing. You can also walk right up to the river. Just don’t fall in!” Taking the opposite view (pun intended), some tourist visitors from New York say, “The Canadian side is the happening place; it has better views, more to do and is closer to the great Niagara wineries.” So which side is better? Visit both and decide for yourself! Peak visiting season is May to September – and for good reason: The days are long and warm; the nights, cool and comfortable. And all of the most popular attractions, including the legendary Maid of the Mist (operating from April to October), are open. The offseason doesn’t turn Niagara into a ghost town. There are still a number of museums and cultural sites open year-round, and the Falls can’t exactly shut down. But snowfall into mid-April and sometimes bitterly cold temperatures do put a damper on most outdoor activities.

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Niagara Parks Official Visitor Guide 2016

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